Energy Efficient Equipment Installation

We specialize in energy efficient equipment installation.  Our vast knowledge of available products and exceptional understanding of proper installation techniques allow us to offer you the most efficient and cost effective system appropriate for your pool or spa.  By creating a more efficient flow rate we are able to save you money and energy and create a more enjoyable pool or spa experience. We use the best and most up-to-date products and methods available to ensure the best possible return for your investment.

Equipment Repairs & Upgrades

We are proficient at installing, repairing and upgrading pool & spa equipment.  We are able to and identify equipment problems and get the job done in a cost effective and efficient manner with the least possible inconvenience to you.

Water Diagnosis, Treatment & Maintenance

We offer monthly maintenance plans that fit the needs of your pool and spa and your budget.  Typical monthly service is 4 weekly visits per month, but can be adjusted appropriately to meet the usage needs of your pool or spa.  Whether you use city water or well water we know how to best diagnose and treat water issues that are common in Sonoma County pools & spas.  Typically, pools & spas in Sonoma County need algae control and stain removal.  While conventional methods of treating water issues work for most pools, there are often other factors involved that need to be taken into  account.  Unusual mineral deposits, extreme use, skin sensitivities or allergies to certain chemicals all call for alternate approaches to cleaning and maintaining the water in your pool or spa.  We will always evaluate the conditions specific to your personal needs and the needs of your pool & spa while creating your maintenance plan.

Cost Savings

Installing an energy efficient pump for your pool or spa is not only great for the Earth, but it’s great for your pocket book too.  In addition to the energy and cost savings, energy efficient pumps and motors run quieter than conventional systems, last much longer and keep your pool & spa water cleaner.

According to PG&E, by installing qualifying energy efficient products, you can save up to 1,400 kilowatt hours per year, be eligible for product rebates and save up to $477 per year.  That could translate to a savings of up to $4,770 over the estimated 10-year lifetime of the product.